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por Lady, em 28.03.09

É hora de novas fontes!





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por Lady, em 24.03.09

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por Lady, em 21.03.09

Como distorcer texto no photoshop

1. Escreve o teu texto. Eu usei a fonte Arial Black. Photobucket

2. Depois clica na setinha das ferramentas e escolhe a opção Render text --> screenshot.

3. Depois vai ao menu edit > transform > distort.  --> screenshot

4. Depois mexe nos pontinhos para distorcer o texto e põe-no como tu quiseres. Press enter to get rid of the selection and voilà. --> screenshot.

5. Resultado final. Photobucket


Usado em icons:
Photobucket Photobucket

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por Lady, em 21.03.09

Tutorial #41 - Pop the pink

Photobucket to Photobucket


1. Curves layer. (layer >> new adjustment layer >> curves) You might not need this layer if your picture is light enough, since it's like a screen layer.

RGB: 142, 172

2. Selective Color layer. (layer >> new adjustment layer >> selective color) If this layer makes your picture too red, play with the opacity of it.

Reds: -100, +29, +52, 56
Neutrals: +23, +3, -15, 0
Blacks: +33, 0, 0, -11

3. Channel Mixer layer. (layer >> new adjustment layer >> channel mixer) This adds some blue to the picture since the last layer added a lot of red.

Red: +128, -40, 0
Blue: -55, +60, +100

4. Curves layer. Lightens the picture a bit more.

RGB: 106, 130

5. Duplicate layer, drag to the top of layers and set it soft light 30-100% opacity. I just think this makes it look better in the end. ;)

examples of this coloring:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Brevemente o PSD

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por Lady, em 05.03.09

Tutorial #40 - Miley Cyrus

Go from  to


Step 1. Take your base. Mine is fine, so I'm not gonna do any of that sharpening and screen stuff.


Step 2. Make a selective color layer.
Cyan -50
Magenta -10
Yellow -34
Black +5

Cyan +100
Magenta -62
Yellow -40
Black +19

Cyan +28
Yellow -18
Black +16

This gets rid of the orangeish tint, replacing it with a cool blueish/magenta/purple tone.


Step 3.
Make a photo filter layer. Choose 'Cooling Filter 80' set density to 9. Preserve luminosity is checked.
This makes the picture even more purple/blueish.


Step 4.
Floodfill #000b14 and set it to exclusion.
Makes the photo a bit more vintage.


Last step!
Make a hue and saturation layer. Up the saturation. It'll depend on your image. This of course makes the image nice and bright. :)



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por Lady, em 01.03.09

Tutorial #39 - Taylor Swift

Go from   to
in 3 easy steps!

Program: Photoshop CS3
Translatable? No.
Steps: 3
PSD? Yes!

Other Examples


Step 1.
Take your base. Mine is of Taylor Swift.
Create a new colour balance layer.




This brings out the green in the image and the highlights are somewhat purple toned.

Step 2.
Create a selective colour layer.
Cyan -100

Cyan +100

This layer will bring out the reds in our image.

Step 3.
Duplicate the selective colour layer.
This will bring out the reds even more, and adds a cyan tone to the white parts.

And we are done!! (:
I'd love to see results!



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