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por Lady, em 26.04.09


imprensa teen

Chegou o site que todos estavam a espera, agora podes ver todas as revistas para jovens online (tais como a Bravo, 100%Jovem, Gente Jovem, Super Pop, e muito mais)! E é tudo grátis! O que tens de fazer é aceder ao site Imprensa e veres todas as edições online! Passa esta mensagem a todos os teus contactos, quantos mais souberem melhor!

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por Lady, em 26.04.09

Tutorial #42 - Robert Pattinson

to or


1. curves layer (layer > new adjustment layer > curves)
RGB: input: 100 output: 143

this layer is meant to lighten the picture slightly, don't worry if it's still too dark/dull.

2. another curves layer.
RGB: input: 119 output: 126
red: input: 140 output: 150
green: input: 132 output: 130
blue: input: 122 output: 130

this layer is to add a little bit of color to the picture, as there wasn't much color in it before.

3. selective color layer (layer > new adjustment layer > selective color)

reds: -36, +6, +4, -5
yellows: +10, -4, -15, 0
whites: +45, -21, +17, 0
neutrals: +1, 0, 0, 0

this layer gave some parts of my image a very slight green tone, but it's mostly to increase the red tones.

4. another curves layer (last one, unless you're going for the second result.)

RGB: input: 170 output: 190

this lightens the picture; you may not need this layer. my image was dark, so it was needed. you can always play with the opactiy of the layer too.

5. channel mixer layer (layer > new adjustment layer > channel mixer)

red: +128, -40, +5
green: +6, +88, 0
blue: -55, +55, +90 constant: +8

this add most of the final color, as the image is now bluer like it is in the first result.

6. color fill layer (layer > new fill layer > solid color)

#D5D5D5, color burn 100%

this layer will add some contrast to the picture.


7. gradient map layer.

pick the one that is going from black to white.

this will turn your picture black and white.

8. levels layer. (layer > new adjustment layer > levels)

RGB: 0, 0.88, 255

this adds some contrast.

9. another curves layer (last one)

RGB: input: 171 output: 185


Download do PSD

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por Lady, em 18.04.09

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