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por Lady, em 18.04.09

VPS Hosting

Good Windows server from VPS Hosting . In this personal plan you will get 100 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth every month. You can host 10 domains at one hosting account. And if you pay annual, you get FREE domain name. Your file will host at Windows 2003 Operating system with Apache server and Plesk Control panel.



This personal plan is ideal for a small business site or corparate that has many employees. The price is $6.95 per month. You can pay Annual or semi annual. You can choose some additional component you need such as Dedicted IP address or Secure Shell. is ICANN certified Domain registrar. Normally the domain price from 4domains is $8.95 per year, but if you order domain with hosting you get Free domain.


4domain offers multiple domain hosting. In this personal plan you can host 10 domains and 5 subdomain in one account. Other, you get Unlimited e-mail accounts so if you have many employees you can give e-mail boxes for everyone. uses best technology like Cisco firewalls, HP switches, Microsoft, RedHat, Miva, Verisign, Geotrust (SSL's), SwSoft, Level 3 and Avocent (KVM's) and best quality parts like Intel processors, Hitachi, Kingston, and Seagate.


Their servers and all of equipment are located in Tustin, CA. This is a a military grade data center that has multiple global fiber carriers for optimal speed and redundancy with the primary carrier of Level 3. All their servers are backedup daily, and monitored by redundant power, and has fire protection.

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por Lady, em 24.03.09

The web hosting choice offers a quality service to owners of sites who want to increase your traffic and quality of their sites, you will have the most popular places of accommodation for Yahoo FatCow, reviews of the best-known websites hosting are all there in web hosting choice where you have multiple services qaue includes disk space, Web Site Hosting solutions, the infrastructure for your business on the Internet, Web Site Hosting business with the highest standards of safety, reliability and performance of market, the is a company specializes in hosting solutions for small and large sites.


Another nice thing about’s site is that they have broken out different reviews into categories based on features of the hosting company. Basically, this allows you to quickly see which hosting companies offer the services/features that you are most interested in and then move on to looking at the reviews for those sites.


Web Hosting Choice is a free research guide to help users choose the right web host for their personal or business site. They provide the web hosting sites, which were rated highest in the industry, and are rated based on affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support. If you are new to web hosting, they also have created a learning area where they explain the basics of web hosting. When you are planning to purchase web hosting next year, don’t forget to pay a visit!

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